Why we started the Fishing Depot....
The reason we started Fishing Depot is we are anglers just like you, and constantly looking for new and innovative products that simply put, don't have the money and marketing resources that the main brands do, along with high priced spokespeople pushing those products, not because they necessarily work, but because they are being paid lots of money to say they do.
So we started by first trying to find these diamonds in the rough, and what we found was there are alot of products out there that simply catch fish. Maybe they don't have all the bells and whistles, but at the end of the day these products are built by anglers, not by a focus group that are more concerned with there golf swing then casting a fishing pole.
Fishing Depot USA will offer a convenient one-stop resource for these types of fishing products. No we are not the place to purchase highly marketed brands, there are plenty of places to find that stuff.
Fishing Depot wants capitalize on this market to pull in anglers to show them all of the awesome products that are available across the USA. We will offer a wide selection of fishing products as well as information on fishing conditions.
We also encourage your feedback, and maybe you have an idea for a product that you just can't get it off the ground, or don't have the resources to bring your idea to market. That is something we can help you with, and promote it with this platform.
Our staff are all avid fisherman in areas all across the United States. So we can assist you in your State with the area's best fishing locations and what products to use in those areas. Like us, we want your experience on the water to be enjoyable, not work. We don't get enough time to be on the water as it is, so if Fishing Depot can make that experience an memorable one then we have accomplished our GOAL!